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Yeah, most of you already guessed it, but the mystery Pokémon is Sandy's Blaziken, Solaris, or as she likes to call him: 'Solly'. I've added his cast info to Sandy's cast page. Darmani's fourth move, Earthquake, is also revealed and added to the cast section. If you are wondering where that Blaziken suddenly came from, don't worry, all will be revealed in the future... Eventually... And Wesley knows Solaris' name, because he studied Sandy and knows which Pokémon she has. I hope that explains things.
Artwise, this page is different from the previous ones too. I tried a new cell-shading technique on the characters. I'm not too pleased with how it looks yet, but it is a faster technique than my old one. For now, I think I will alternate between the new technique and my old one, until I decide which one to use.

As I already announced last week, this page is the last of the long pages. They were fun, but also exhausting to make and I need a break. Next week's page will be a normal-sized page again. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it's also a title page. I'm cutting chapter 2 short, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. Chapter 2 is easily twice as long as chapter 1, so I've decided to just plug a new title page in it and call the rest chapter 3. Don't worry, this won't affect the story one bit. I know I said Sub would appear at the end of chapter 2, but now this will obviously not happen. Expect to see him arrive somewhere in the middle of chapter 3.

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