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Oh boy, me and my obsession with scenematic shots! Now look at what I've done!! I know some of the shots are not exactly consistant. For instance, in panel 6 Matt is still sitting upright, even though he fell over in panel 5. Meh, I was too lazy in the end to switch those two rows of panels around... Too many layers to move. I didn't feel like it, so I left it like this.
But anyway, it's Quartz! He's awake! Somebody call the press!! I know some of you thought that Yuk was going to come to the rescue, and I cruelly let you continue to think so for an entire week. Heheh. But the truth is, what could Yuk have done to stop Darmani? The last time he got hit by that Roll Out... Well, you remember what happened, right?

Also, it seems a new Pokémon has appeared on the scene. I wonder who that could be... /sarcasm
I know most of you smartypants will be able to figure it out in only a few seconds, but I'm going to give you a hint anyway: this Pokémon has already appeared in the comic before. I'll add his cast info next week. Speaking of next week: next week will also be the last time I upload an extra large page. These things are basically like double updates, they're killing me, I'm tired, and I only made them to speed the fight up a bit. The fight's almost over, so I'm calling this one 'mission accomplished'. I hope you understand. ^__^
So regular pages: here I come!

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