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Darmani is about to run over Nile... And Matt too! I know this page is a little corny, and that it sure has a lot of shots, for an event which only takes place in a few seconds. And all I can say is: it's only going to get worse on the next few pages. Sorry...
Anyway, this page illustrates that Matt isn't just some screaming idiot, who yells at his Pokémon to use attack 'so and so'. He really does care about his little critters! Maybe that makes him even more stereotypical... Hmmm... I'm trying really hard NOT to make him your average manga-hero type guy. It's pretty difficult, though. Well, I'll come up with something eventually...
Anyway, if I can just draw your attention to Matt's nose in that last panel? Yeah, the one that shows the inside of his nose. That's pretty hard to do; drawing a nose from that angle. What do you guys think of it? Does it look alright?

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