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Oh dear, that's not a very good start. And Nile's hurt and bleeding. I forgot to mention this earlier, but there will be blood in this comic, although it won't be lots and lots and lots in one go. I hope this doesn't put you off.
Anyway, here's no. 1 of the superlong comics. It's almost twice as long as a regualr page, so it's like a double update, really... I don't know how long I will be able to keep making these longer pages, because they also take twice as long to make: about five to six days.
I must be doing something wrong, I guess. I will try to keep it up until at least the end of this battle. Hopefully, this will speed the story up a bit.

So Nami finally understands she's in a battle. Will she get serious now, or will she just break down and cry?

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