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Meet Nami, the Rattata. Don't let her looks deceive you. She's as vicious as they come! No, really! Don't look directly into her eyes, and whatever you do, DO NOT TOUCH HER. She'll take your arm right off.

Ahem, alright, all silly stuff aside now. This has become a double battle, with Darmani and Quilava vs. Nile and Nami. There's no preparing for the craziness which will follow now. You have been warned. So... Start placing your bets people! Who will win? Two evolved, mid-level Pokémon, led by an experienced, egoistic strategist or the two low-level newbies, led by a rather clueless... guy...

I've also added Nami's information to the cast-page. Check it out. Next week's page will be the first of the superlong pages, so I hope you're looking forward to it. ^__^

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