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Kick his ass now, Matt. It's what the fans would want you to do. Think about the fans. :)
Why does Wes hate trainers who win by luck, anyway? Luck can be a strategy. No, really. It can be. Back in the days of the 1st gen, when my brother and me used to pitch our Mewtwo's against each other, the only way I could win was through luck! Matt's Mewtwo knew the move Amnesia. It raises Special Defense considerably, but in Red, Blue and Yellow Special Attack and Defense were linked. Both were simply called 'Special'. So Amnesia didn't just raise Special Defense, but also Special Attack. After using Amnesia three times, Matt's Mewtwo was an unstopable monster. And my Mewtwo, Toby, didn't know Amnesia, so I couldn't just do the same. In stead, Toby knew Ice Punch. My only hope, when fighting Matt's Mewtwo, was to keep hitting it with Ice Punch while praying for a miracle (like Matt's Mewtwo ending up with the forzen stat), before Mewtwo was done powering up (Matt's Mewtwo didn't have a nickname).
So yeah, what's wrong with luck, I ask you?

So now we're going to have a double battle. I wonder what Pokémon Matt will use. Well ok, I know which one it is. ^_^ And if you paid attention while browsing through this site you can probably guess what it will be too.
I thought long and hard about what I'd let Wes say, to explain why he cheated by calling out Quilava. I had this idea for a scene, in which Wes lies about there being a special type of battle, called a 'delayed call-out double battle'. Both trainers call out a second Pokémon, about halfway through the battle, hence the 'delayed call-out'. But Matt wouldn't believe him and call Wes a bloody liar.
However, I decided that it wouldn't only be very lame (and repetative), but also that it would be out of character for Wesley, to stumble over himself to find excuses for the things he does. Let me explain a little something about ol' Wes. He's an arrogant little jerk. In his mind, he is superior to everyone and everything and there is no need for him to explain his actions to anybody. He just does the things he does, because he feels he can.

And that's why I eventually decided to drop the whole 'Wes trying to find excuses'-thing. It just didn't feel right...

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