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Bye bye, pretty ice sculpture... I'll miss you...

Congratulations to all you people who guessed the mystery Pokémon was Quilava (nearly all of you). You were all correct! Big surprise, huh? You can expect to see a lot more of Quilava in all his blazing glory, in the next couple of weeks.
I'll just fill you guys in on some of this Quilava's background. He belongs to Wes, who appears to be cheating jerk, he's a male and unlike all the other Pokémon so far, Quilava does not have a nickname. He also is quite fierce in battle and hates to lose. Quilava is Wes' starter, but even so, he is not his most powerful Pokémon. That would be Darmani. Quilava is still well over level 20 and I doubt Nile could really stand up to him one on one. And now it's even two against one! How will Nile get out of this mess? And why doesn't Sandy step in?

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