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For those of you who don't know this, TM13 (Ice Beam) is a prize you can win at the Celadon Game Corner. And with 'Game Corner', Nintendo actually means 'casino'. Let's hear it for Pokémon! The game that encourages 10-year-olds to gamble! Ahem...
What's the deal with TM's anyway? I mean, how do they work? TM stands for 'Technical Machine', and a TM can teach your Pokémon a move it wouldn't normally learn. In this case, that move is Ice Beam. But a TM is shaped like a CD. How do you use it on a Pokémon? Do you rub it over its back, press it on its head, force feed it to the Pokémon? Or maybe you just pop it into a computer's diskdrive and make the Pokémon run whatever program may be on the disc? And why does a TM break after being used? (This last feature made me think that a TM might be ingested.)

It's all very mysterious, but I guess the important thing is, that we now know how Nile learned Ice Beam. And also, that we should keep Matt away from Game Corners for the rest of his life...
I'm not very happy with Nile in the first panel. His face always does look a bit awkward when drawn from the front, and I guess you really do need at least four fingers to make a successful peace-sign. Well, at least he's happy with his ball of ice, but how long will that last? In the final panel, who's that Pokémon? I have a feeling that at least one of you knows exactly who it is!! Come on, you know I mean YOU! ;)

And finally I have a little confession to make: I don't like drawing buildings or other manmade objects. I find them boring and so I don't draw them very well. So drawing the slotmachine and the inside of the Game Corner was actually rather nightmarish for me. I guess it looks alright, but then again... I did spend plenty of time on it. Eventually, I guess I'll have to get over my dislike of manmade stuff. Don't worry, though. I will!

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