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OOoohh, look at that pretty ice sculpture! I'm actually rather proud of the way it turned out. Darmani is frozen solid. Of course, it probably didn't come as much of a surprise to you guys. But then again, Ice Beam only has a chance of about 10% to also freeze an opponent.
Remember how it was in the 1st generation? Back then, if you froze a Pokémon it was all over for them, unless you did something incredibly stupid... Like using a fire-type move on the frozen Pokémon. That would thaw them out again. But if you could resist your stupid side, a frozen poke was nothing more than a sitting duck with a bullseye conveniantly painted on its butt. The frozen-status meant you had already won, it just wasn't completely official yet untill you actually managed to make to opponent faint as well.

Good times... :)
But with the 2nd generation some Pokémon could learn moves to thaw themselves out. Luckily, there were only two of these moves: Flame Wheel and Sacred Fire. The first move was actually rather weak and it was restricted to only a few Pokémon. Most of these could only learn it as eggmoves too, so Flame Wheel wasn't very likely to be one of the opposing poke's moves anyway. The other move, Sacred Fire, could only be used by one Pokémon: the legendary Ho-oh. Almost every Ho-oh was likely to carry Sacred Fire, because it was really, REALLY strong. Also, Ho-oh was a fire/flying-type, so ice-type moves weren't particularly powerful against it anyway. All in all, you probably wouldn't be using Ice Beam against Ho-oh at all...
Rock Slide would be much, MUCH better... *Evil grin*
There were some other countermeasures against the frozen-status too, such as Sunny Day, Safe Guard and some berries, but if none of these were in play... Well, a frozen poke would still be a goner.

But, unless I'm mistaking, all that changed with the 3rd and 4th generation. Now a frozen poke might defrost spontaneously in the middle of a battle. It's become more like the sleep-status, which also wears off randomly. That... sort of sucks...
One day, while playing Diamond, I had my Gyarados use Ice Fang on an NPC's Pokémon. It froze and then defrosted in the very same turn! It could just go ahead and use its move against me too! Sometimes I really miss the good old days... It even seems to work that way for the poisoned-status now. My Gyarados got poisoned once and after the battle she lost HP as I walked. Well, that was normal, but when she reached her last hitpoint I suddenly got a message saying that she had survived the poison and that the status was now healed...
...... Uhm..... yay? Does this mean my Toxic-strategy won't work anymore either, or what?

So why am I telling you all this? Well, to make you wonder of course! Will Darmani remain frozen like this? Or will he magically defrost just when Nile thought he'd won?
Find out next week! Also, I'd like to announce that this page was the last one to have so few panels! From now one the pages will have lots and LOTS of panels again! At least... for as long as I can keep it up... Ahem... ;)

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