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Every webcomic artist has had one of those moments; when he or she is sorry they included a certain scene. In my case, I'm a bit sorry I included panel 1 and 2 of this page (in their current forms at least). They were supposed to be a joke, but on hindsight I think they require too much thought and the joke isn't very clear (or funny) at all... I decided to show this page anyway because the look on Darmani's face in panel 5 is absolutely priceless. I'll just go ahead and explain the joke in the first two panels anyway, even though a joke is never funny if you have to explain it. In the first panel Sandy doesn't want Matt to use the move Headbutt beause it is a Normaltype attack and so it wouldn't be very effective against a Rocktype Pokémon like Golem. Matt responds by accurately explaining the type match-upsystem and states that he'll be using Water Gun because of it's great advantages over Golem. Sandy agrees, but then acts surprised. In panel 2 she says she's confused. In the current form it's almost like Sandy is confused because she didn't understand Matt's story about type advantages. Well, that would be pretty bad for a former champion, huh? The reason Sandy is really confused is because Matt knows the system and yet still used a Normaltype attack on Steelix earlier, which was equally uneffective. Water Gun would have been better there too, as I'm sure you all know. ;)
Anyway, the joke was either too lame or not clear enough and so it failed utterly and managed to waste half a page too... Sorry... :P
That Water Gun attack looks pretty nice though, huh? I've added the move to Nile's characterinfo in the cast section.

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